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Joel League

Author - Pastor - Husband - Father - Grandfather

“That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all Thy wondrous works.” ~ Psalm 26:7

JOEL LEAGUE (1947-2018) believed that by presenting the whole counsel of God, his congregation would receive truth in balance and grow into mature saints, as God intended.

“I love the Word of God”, he would say many times as he preached.

For more than 40 years, Joel was a man in pursuit of God, always desiring to be faithful to God’s Word and His calling for Joel to “Shepherd My People”.

For 32 years, he was pastor of Living Waters Church in Shelbyville, Kentucky, and after transitioning from pulpit ministry, continued to write and put into book form the words of life that the Holy Spirit impressed upon him.

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Joel’s first book, “Deliverance from Another Place” is the result of a graphic night vision he received in 1973.  For 24 years he was active in ministry to Israel and to God’s purposes for the gentile believers in the end times as it concerned Israel and the Jewish people.  Deliverance from Another Place is filled with insight and a challenge for believers to join in the heavenly pursuit of God’s heart for His beloved Israel.

“Upon Further Review”, Joel’s second book, is written in an easy to read devotional style.  Bible teachers have always tried to find connection between contemporary culture and the ancient scriptures.  This book is an uncompromising attempt to bridge that gap.   Readers will appreciate the original thoughts that come to light and hopefully be challenged to continue to search the scriptures for the truth and the wisdom needed for the living of these days.  Jesus said “Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming.”

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An Excerpt from "Upon Further Review"

The citizens of our contemporary society are on-the-go and sometimes do not have much time to invest, so they are careful how they spend their precious free time.  Prayerfully, this book will offer an opportunity for the reader to receive maximum fruit from his labor in reading these pages.

Bible teachers have always tried to find the connection between contemporary culture and the ancient scriptures. This book, Upon Further Review, is an uncompromising attempt to bridge that gap.  As long as Jesus has the final say on any issue in our life, He can turn it into something good. 


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An excerpt from the Preface of "Deliverance From Another Place"

As the result of a graphic night vision I received in 1973, the year of the Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) War between Israel and a coalition of Arab States led by Egypt and Syria, I acutely felt that I was to be a future thread in the seamless garment of the Lord’s purposes for the Jews. Furthermore, I sensed that the Lord would call and release me in the end times to gather other chosen cords from the nations, and that He would weave us together for a distinct and crucial mission to His beloved Jews in Israel. The purpose of this book is not merely to educate you. These words are meant to prayerfully serve as the Holy Spirit’s dragnet to recruit those readers whose hearts resonate with this heavenly commission as mine does.


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